For something your home is so reliant on to function properly, we don’t spare too much thought to our plumbing. As with anything you take for granted, it’s not until something goes wrong that you understand how vital it is. This is very true with plumbing. Any plumbing issues can cause real inconvenience in your home and water damage, aside from causing expensive damage, can result in a range of other problems. Issues with your plumbing can occur at any time, so getting on top of them can be tough. We are the Meridian plumber who can always help you out.


We think your home is a place you should be able to relax and enjoy life. Often, it’s the opposite, and your home can just keep piling things on to your list of worries. Experiencing plumbing issues is a perfect example. Don’t worry though, it’s our aim to ensure your home is place you can continue to enjoy life, thanks to our plumbing services. This goal is what drives us not only to provide a Meridian plumbing service you can rely on but also to be the Treasure valley plumber you can trust, including for areas like Boise and Nampa.

Meridian Plumbers

Meridian Plumbing Pros

We provide full and wide range of plumbing services that can deal with any range of plumbing issues you experience in your home, whether it’s an emergency or not. Our services are on offer 24 hours a day, because we know there are some problems you have that just simply cannot wait to be repaired. Water doesn’t seem to run on the same clock that we do. So whatever issues you are experiencing with your plumbing, whether you need a new shower, toilet or water heater installed or need to get your drains or sewer lines cleaned, we are the Meridian plumbing service for you.

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Emergency Plumber

There are a range of issues that you can experience with your plumbing that can be a real emergency. This includes things like a burst pipe or a clogged toilet. The damage that these issues, can cause to your home can be devastating and only get worse with time. That’s why we offer an emergency plumbing service, so you can get on top of the problem quickly. We are the Meridian emergency plumber who can even help you with sewer repair.

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Hot Water Heater
Installation and Repair

There’s nothing worse than when your hot water heater needs repair or has finally run out of steam. You can be left with the prospect of facing continuous cold showers, which isn’t much fun. However, the good news is we deal with hot water heaters too. We provide the Meridian water heater repair you need to get your hot showers back. We go beyond even that and also offer water heater installation and water heater replacement. Whatever your water heater needs are we have you covered.

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Tankless Hot Water Heating

Tankless hot water heaters are becoming an increasingly popular choice over the more traditional units. This is because of the myriad of amazing benefits they can provide for your home. They are cost effective, and have the capacity to save you energy, water and money, they are compact and don’t require much space and they provide instant hot water. Sounds great, right? Well we have all the Meridian tankless water heaters that you’ll ever need, including tankless water heater installation.

“When I had a burst pipe in my home, I called Meridian Pluming Pros. They were amazing. They understood the situation was an emergency and they did everything in a hurry. Not only this they did everything in the most professional way too.” Paul. G

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“We had Meridian Plumbing Pros install a new shower and toilet as part of our bathroom remodeling. They look great and best of all they caused no problems. They got to work right away.” David. H

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“Meridian Pluming Pros dealt with a leaking pipe in our home. They quickly found the source of problem and fixed it in not time. It was all so easy.” Michelle. L

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Drain Cleaning

Keeping your drains clean is the best preventative measure for ensuring you avoid any backups or blockages with your drains. This is the same with your sewer lines. We provide both drain cleaning and sewer cleaning, to help you avoid any serious issues with your drains or sewer lines. If you do experience a blockage, you can relax, as we also provide a rooter service. We are the Meridian plumbing contractor who can help you with all your drain needs, including garbage disposal repair.

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Leak Repairs
& Leak Detection

Leaking pipes can cause serious damage to your home. Water can slowly begin to seep into a range of places where excessive moisture can build up and cause damage. This includes areas such as your drywalls or ceilings. This water damage can also quickly result in mold growth if not handled quickly and effectively. Finding the source of any leak, although difficult, is imperative to get it repaired quickly. We provide a range of Meridian leak detection services to this end, including leak location and repiping, if it’s necessary for repair.

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Showers and Bathtubs

Your showers and bathtubs go far beyond just their practical application. They impact the overall look and feel of your home and your experience in your own bathroom. Old, damaged or worn showers and tubs aren’t doing much for the visual appeal of your home, and they probably aren’t comfortable either. As part of a Meridian bathroom remodeling service, we can help you spruce up your bathroom, making it more enjoyable for you in the process. We do everything from tub installation to shower installation and even toilet installation.

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Plumbing issues can affect your home at any time, and in some cases and be very damaging and problematic if not repaired immediately. If you are experiencing any plumbing issues, no matter the time of day, you can contact us immediately and get the help you need. We offer the Meridian 24-hour plumbing service that you know can provide with assistance when you need it, fast.